A gun sling is an integral part of the equipment of any armed employee, from a simple infantryman to an FSB operative. Most modern slings are overloaded with functionality, including a special cushion on the sling, which can interfere with the use of a plate or bulletproof vest, takes up a lot of space and clings to equipment elements, such as MOLLE slings, etc.   

Additional elements increase the price of the sling, alienating some buyers with a high price. Therefore, a significant part of the military and law enforcement officers still use the classic sling for the AKM or AK-74, which is simple, reliable and cheap, like a Kalashnikov assault rifle.   

The Mordor Tac company. released a simple and affordable weapon sling "Recruit". The sling is available in various colors and is positioned as a replacement for the classic AKM/AK-74 weapon sling. The sling is functional and easy to use, while it includes all modern solutions and is not overloaded with additional details.


  • polyester 39%, natural rubber 61% Gentex ® (Italy)
  • steel 100% factory Trud (Russia)
  • 100% VELCRO ® nylon (Belgium)
  • 100% ITGF polyester (Russia)
  • 100% Apri ® polyacetal (Russia)

Two point sling "Recruit"


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