The Skif is a bulky combat belt for carrying equipment. Due to the technological filling with memory effect, it allows you to comfortably carry heavy equipment and ammunition. The damping material is located in a separate compartment with convenient access, in which ballistic UHMWPE or aramid packages can be placed. Thermoregulation and dehumidification on the inner part of the belt is provided by a 3D mesh.

The Skif combat belt has five loops for shoulder Y or H-shaped straps. The waist circumference is regulated by a built-in 50mm belt, which fastens with a fastex, which can be replaced with other types of buckles. On the outside of the belt there are two molle lines of 24 cells each, which makes it possible to install a large number of pouches.

Weight: 620 grams.

Dimensions: 1015 х 140 х 30 mm (Length x Width x Height).


  • Olive, Black, Black Multicam, Coyote, Multicam - Nylon 1000D 6.0 100% (South Korea) Moss, Digital Flora - Cordon Prime 1000D Nylon 6.6 100% Baltex (Russia)
  • 100% VELCRO ® nylon (Belgium)
  • Isolon, elastic polyurethane foam with memory effect (Russia)
  • 3D Mesh-100% polyester mesh (South Korea)
  • 100% Polyamide AO Lenta® (Russia)

Warbelt "Skif"


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