For the winter season, the company Mordor Tac. has created a fleece hat "Nord". Unlike many other fleece hats presented on the Russian market, "Nord" is made of fleece of domestic production (Shakhty, Rostov region).   

Fleece "Panda", saves heat, removes moisture from the head during heavy physical exertion, and also has excellent protective properties against the wind. In case of getting wet, the hat dries very quickly.   

For the production of the Nord hat, a special Flatlock machine is used, which stitches the parts together using a flat seam, this technology is used for the production of thermal underwear, so that the seams do not cause discomfort.


  • 2% elastane (JSC "BTK Group").
  • Fleece fabric 98% polyester.

Fleece hat "Nord"


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