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What helmet prefer Special Forces soldiers?

Today we prepare special Article for you about what helmet real Special Forces Soldiers prefer. Based on FSB Operator opinion. 

Aramid Helmets (Buy it) (for special Operation) 

In the first class in the Aramid helmet with defense from shrapnel 540-580 ms may be 1.05 kg move easily and fast. 

But this is only for the war. For special operations need a good defense from bullets, and Aramid helmets have problem with it. That's why people still use Titanium helmets - Altyn, lynx, and K6-3. 


Allowable time of wearing of Altin is about 40 mins. (This statistical data. Personally, I wear it more, but the neck whining starts, and most importantly - the visual acuity decreases. Tried read books in  different helmets. It is certainly not a scientific test, but still. So in  aramid helmet can be simple to read books, but you cannot focus and read serious literature. The K6-3 was nothing to read does not work - look at the book, see фигу (untranslatable so - nothing). In my option, if you wear helmet with weight more than 4 ± 0.5 kg every half hours you need to take it off and warm-up your neck. If helmet weight smaller - it increases time between workouts. And you neck should be strong to not get injured.).

Also you cannot tumbling it in - just over his shoulder. But it doesn't created for it. The main values of this helmet - good defense agains Pistol Bullet, and even agains from automatic riffle bullet. That's why people still use it, even if they already have good Aramid Helmet.

Q: Automatic Riffle Bullet?

A: Well, we shot in the K6-3 with raised visor. Weight 4.2 kg, 2 class of defense around, outside titanium with a good chance to ricochet. Forehead  - visor 3 mm OT4-1 at a large angle, about 3 protection class.

If you have class in fight - you can use it during war without any problems in such a helmet. But not for a long time - maximal 2 hours.

Protect from 7N6 AK-74 at close range, but not in all areas. The bullet hit visor, but does not break helmet after it (if visor raised).  Distance of no penetration of AKM bullet - PS-43 - 300 m. In the normal. Good angles and mass of helmet can also protect you from 7.62x39 bullet from 150-200m.

There was also cases of hit with 7N10 bullet. At the back of the head. Soldier alive. Shoot from close range, but at a good angle. The bullet pierced titanium, ricocheted off the tissue and package stuck in the body of the helmet. Wounded, but alive.

Of course, class 2 - a little. And raised the visor is not 100% withholding even the class 3 in the shelling of the front. But it's still much higher than Aramid helmets.  Today Altyn and helmets, based on his platform the best helmets from Automatic Riffle bullets. And if someone decide create a new helmet - Altyn will be the best platform for it.

NII Stali: Helmets 6B6-3, K6-3 (Buy it)

We test them with Automatic Riffle. Distance of not penetration with AKM - 500 metres, with AK-74 about 350 metres. 

Balance of helmet, if be honest, really not very good, especially when you "lying". The neck gets tired quickly.

The biggest problem aluminum helmets. 

Helmet K6-3 have very big difference with K6-3A. K6-3 produced with high quality Titanium, and in K6-3A they use aluminum. 
Aluminum helmets cheaper, than titanium, but protection worse, and ricochet defense much worse. The best example - shoot in it with Automatic Riffle bullet from special distance - it will penetrate helmet without any problems. 
That's why titanium helmets better. We know cases, when soldiers alive, after shooting them from close distance (20-25m) with Automatic Riffle bullet, and bullet just ricochet from helmets. 

Production of helmet K6-3A stopped in 2010 year, and now they produced only titanium variant. 

Personally for me - a very uncomfortable form, presses on whiskey, even I have the skull proper anatomical shape :)

But the most disgusting - the longitudinal seam on the inside of the liner. He pushes on the head, and i cannot wear it after 10 minutes. Although it had to carry continuously from 12 hours to a day.

Visor with a narrow visor - can not see what's going on above and below. Liner permanently moves out, and took a gap is above or below eye level. To remove or install the visor had to use considerable effort and call to help someone mother (it's russian vulgar word - чью-то мать).

Masks during the geometry of the helmet cannot wear with him. 

A microphone on a boom turned not to the person and up. A trifle, but unpleasant. No cover.

I put it on the chin strap plastic cup from the TSS-81.

Another sore point Lynx - there is no mount for NVG. I use PASGT mount in it, and one day helmets fell from locker, and mount broken.  And yet I am not lazy to wear it, because I believe in titanium.

ZS-1-2M (Buy it)

ZS-1-2 and its modifications - the main helmet in our "company" (he mean his unit, and use russian word "Контора"). . A good helmet, a relatively comfortable. Good audibility and ventilation. In the supine position does not runs into the eye. Transparent visor and compatibility with glasses / masks. But no titanium (aluminum alloy and aramid sublayer). Inconvenient chinstrap - put it on the plastic cup TSS-81.

And some photo:



Based on article and FSB operator Opinion.

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