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Tips from member of "Alpha"

Grey Shop prepare this article for you. Today we will talk about tips from Member of "Alpha", Colonel, Vitalii Demidkin, one of those, who led assault team, during Nord-Ost, and Beslan

"Fortieth, Vitaly Demidkin"

"You can not be near windows and doors"

A series of terrorist attacks in Paris, when unknown persons opened fire at several restaurants, staged explosions near the stadium "Stade de France" and took hostages in the theater "Bataklan" showed how each of us is vulnerable.

For information on how to operate the man in the capture space terrorists, what to do in the assault, and if you are injured, we talked with the colonel subdivision "Alpha" of the Russian FSB Vitaly Demidkin who led assault team, during Nord-Ost, and Beslan

September 2004, Beslan. Russian Special Forces.

A: When an insufficient number of terrorists, they go deeper into the concert hall, and the entrance is still free, in this case, you can quietly escape, - says Vitaly Demidkin. - Or, for example, the terrorists went to school, the classes are held, and the window in front of you, you can go down, hide in the basement and from there try to get away. You can also close, barricade themselves in what - the room or dressing room.

If you just leave the room is not possible, you are in the midst, and you close the terrorists, need to comply with all the requirements that they put forward. Somewhere to meet, put your hands behind your head or sit or lie down, as it was in the theater "Bataklan."

But in no case can not be allocated: get up, run, make any sudden movements, because it is perceived as aggression.

Keep in mind that in the captured area can be monitored, that is, there are some cameras, which can connect to the security services. We need to show that you are a hostage, not an accomplice of terrorists. Here is an example. In March 1991, in "Domodedovo" was captured "Yak-42". The terrorists released from the interior of one of the passengers that he handed their demands to the authorities. He said: "The terrorist himself is in the second cabin, and in the first - he has a couple of accomplices." Our group had to storm the plane. Then it turned out that the terrorist - one and two suspicious person in the first saloon were ordinary passengers. But they behaved in such a way that they are taken for accomplices of terrorists.

Belarus "KGB"

Q: What exactly did they do?

A: Possible that freely walked through the cabin, which released - the comments to other passengers or the heroics where - it immensely. Again, you can not stand out among the hostages. It is necessary to merge with the crowd.

If you manage how - some way to get out of the captured building, do not run. People who stand in cordon, may not be sufficiently professional. It can be ordinary soldiers of internal troops. For them, all who run from a captured object - terrorists. Therefore, if broke, go quietly. As a last resort, wave than - ever. And just seeing that you do sign - "come here", can already jerk.

Q: What's The safest place if you're in the building captured?

A: You shouldn't sit or stand near the windows or doors. Because when the time comes to "A" (Assault Time) if the talks reach a deadlock, will be a breakthrough. Will operate a group capture. And it will be to break through the windows and doors. Is allowed, however, it is another option - blasting through the wall.

Q: How To understand that the assault is about to begin?

A: Only Intuitively. About any distractions, I tell you I will not. They can only know a group that goes to the assault.

In the case of the seizure of the 'Nord-Ost', I remember a teacher that led to the musical class of its own. She still remembered drills for civil defense, which arranges them in school. I knew that the gas and the smoke rises, there is the highest concentration. And children just sitting on the balcony. The teacher told his players: "Guys, once you smell gas or smoke, or take their scarves edge shirts, soak them some water and breathe only through the tissue" y organisms weaker children than in adults. But none of her class did not die. The teacher knew that the smoke blanketing have to breathe through the filter.

Nord-Ost, Moscow, 2002

I also remember the story of one of the women - the hostages, which was on the "Nord - Ost" in the hall. She was there with her husband - a doctor, which are periodically called to whom he gave - that help. The next time he left, he told his wife: "As soon as a start - a movement, lie face down and breathe through a handkerchief." A fabric in that situation could dampen, sorry, and urine. That is, the doctor knew that the threat of poisoning before you disconnect, you need to lie face down.

If a person WOUNDED

A: If the wound is in a limb, it is necessary to apply a tourniquet. It can be made from readily available means, such as sleeves of the shirt. In the summer, the wiring can be kept no more than 2 hours in winter - up to one and a half hours. It would be nice to put a tourniquet a note indicating the time when it was imposed. This is the case if you lose consciousness, and someone - that of doctors will remove the wiring.

If the wound on the body, it is necessary to clamp the wound swab to prevent blood loss. In humans, about five liters of blood. Depending on which vessels are damaged, the blood can flow out for 15 - 20 minutes. Pad suitable piece of T-shirts or underwear.

If the wound in the groin or armpit, before the arrival of doctors, the wound can just squeeze his hand.

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